There is a lot of stuff going on in there that people don’t

Portraits of the mind

buy replica bags online I am quite private with my Replica Bags Wholesale emotions, that’s why there is a big, ugly circle in the middle of my cheap replica handbags brain. There is a lot of stuff going on in there that people don’t know about, which I wanted to represent. buy replica bags online

It’s my own struggle and something I have always dealt with, but it also forms a lot of my outward personality. So there is a darkness, but it helps me to be more colourful and cheerful.

cheap designer bags replica I’ve always pulled through on my own, or other people have helped me without knowing that they did. It’s not something I expected Designer Replica Bags to happen it just suddenly hit me. One Wholesale Replica Bags day I started to Fake Designer Bags feel very tired and wanted to stay in bed for the replica handbags online whole day. And then it lasted for about two years. cheap designer bags replica

Most people take mental health for granted. It’s only when you get sick or some life event hits you that you really replica bags understand what it means.

When I was depressed, I lost all interest in doing things. It took me about replica Purse five years to come out of it.

best replica bags online In the picture I have tried to put a mask in front of my wholesale replica designer handbags face. I’m a receptionist and I tend to get a lot of sales calls. Even though I get annoyed, I need to pretend to be nice like wearing a mask. best replica bags online

I stayed in the dark for so long. Now Replica Bags that I am out of it, I try to be colourful. It’s like there are two Replica Designer Handbags very different people within high quality replica handbags me but I’m as much one as I am the other.

replica bags china One part of me wants purse replica handbags to be free and detached and to not exist really to be invisible in the world and free from responsibility, to travel and disappear. replica bags china

buy replica bags The other half wants stability with relationships and future. buy replica bags

I aaa replica designer handbags think I put too much pressure on myself [to resolve this conflict].

replica designer backpacks There is blue in the image because I think it’s the most beautiful colour. It’s quite a sad colour, Fake Handbags but it’s a beautiful sadness. replica designer backpacks

luxury replica bags It’s like the sea and the sky, the two things that you can’t see the end Replica Handbags of they are so vast. luxury replica bags

I’ve been thinking about my mental health recently, as I’m getting a new therapist.

high end replica bags It’s a big part of my life. I have psychosis and suffer from delusions, and that kind of thing. But it’s not something that generally I’m really bothered about. high end replica bags

designer replica luggage I also have OCD I have to do things a number of times because I feel something bad will happen if I don’t. designer replica luggage

If I walk down steps and find I have to miss every even numbered step, I know it’s going to be a bad day.

The OCD has changed my life a lot, but I’ve learnt to ignore other things, Designer Fake Bags such as the hallucinations.

Some Handbags Replica days are worse than others. I have social anxiety, so sometimes I will avoid social situations where I know there will be a replica handbags china lot of people.

replica wallets I was assigned female at birth, KnockOff Handbags but I identify as a man. replica wallets

I knew when I was 11 but I didn’t come out until I was about 15. If you come out in your teens, people say, “You should have known sooner”. But if you come out as a child they claim that you can’t know already.

My mum says she is still grieving because her daughter died. I still like to do feminine things, like put on make up. My parents find this very confusing, though.

When I came out, they didn’t believe me, so I had to dress more manly and do typically manly things so they would accept it.

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