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Yara Arts Group is a resident company at La MaMa Experimental Theatre in New York. A collective of artists of Asian, African, Latino, Eastern and Western European ancestry, Yara creates original work based on traditional material from often overlooked Eastern cultures. Since 1990 they have made 30 original theatre pieces and hundreds of related events.

A girl pastes a banner on a wall that reads in Catalan: “Freedom for the Political Prisoners”, during a protest against the decision of a judge to jail ex members of the Catalan government at the University square in Barcelona, Spain, Sunday, Nov. 5, 2017. A Spanish judge issued an international arrest warrant on Friday for former members of the Catalan Cabinet who were last seen in Brussels, including the ousted separatist leader Carles Puigdemont, who said he was prepared to run for his old job even while battling extradition in Belgium.

But Nicholas admits he still socializes with Uwanawich even went on a recent vacation with him to Costa Rica. The deputy also admits he went to Gypsy weddings and funerals with Uwanawich. He claims he didn’t know Uwanawich was convicted for bribing a police officer.

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TheICOO crowdsaleis a limited time event where individuals can buy ICOO tokens for the new service that will enable companies and startups to create and organize crowdsale of their ICO on the OpenLedger platform. While crowdfunding through ICO has become a well established model in the cryptocurrency industry, the success rate for all the cryptocurrency platforms is not the same. While some ICOs like that of Ethereum, Augur and DAO are a huge success, there are many startups that are not able to effectively leverage the power of crowdfunding.

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Dawn Gilliatt of Templeton is one student who has taken the opportunity to enroll in the college business administration program. She was laid off from her job as an administrator of a child care center and was able to have her unemployment benefits extended through the state Section 30 Training Opportunities Program. She was able to transfer core classes from her associate degree program from Mass Bay Community College, giving her a head start toward her business degree.

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